Ear Speaker / Proximity Sensor Problem

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Flex cable #3 is the connection flex for the ear speaker and also the proximity sensor ( proximity sensor will sense when you talk and put the handset closer to your ear the iphone will auto turn off or on when you are move the iphone away from the ear ).  Please see below picture best practice to insert and close down the tab to lock in the flex #3 :


If already double check the flex connection and still have problem , the quickest fix and best option is to transfer this flex number 3 from the old frame to the new frame, below picture showing how to but flex #3 is basically glue to the metal holder that cover the ear speaker, this metal holder have two sides that just snap into the frame so use a pry tool or just jiggle it and it'd come off, if use a tool be careful not to poke the glass to scratch / crack it.

If problem still exist, please contact us at any time.