For iPhone 3g / 3gS Common Debug Problems

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Before install, please first double check and make sure you do have the correct iphone version and also the part you received is correct version.

To make sure the iphone version you have , you can do a search online for some guides or search for your iphone serial number on the sim tray on the manufacturer website or please refer to below table to confirm your iphone version by comparing the model number printed at the back of your phone case, it should located in those text line below the capacity, it should start with the letter A and follow by 4 digits like Axxxx.

If your model is A1203 or A1241 or A1324 then you have the iphone 3G ( not the 3gS )

If your model is A 1303 or 1325 then you have the iPhone 3gS ( not the 3G )

Or please refer to below picture by looking inside of the glass digitizer flex connector to identify which version you have :

If you do have the correct version and touch function doesn't work after install, please check the flex cable if any damages or torn or ripped, the flex connector must be well plugged in and you can almost hear a small snap in and it must stay in flat, you can try to hold down with a tool to make sure it is well plugged down and do a test.  Example picture of flex damages :

If after installed and your LCD display is given you a black screen , please make sure the iphone is in power on mode, fully charged the battery, check connect the iphone to itune see if it recognize the iphone or you can hear a vibrator working.

and if your LCD display is given you a white screen then please first check the flex cable if it is seem like it is broken because you can damage / break the top copper layer of the flex if you bend it too sharply.  Then you can try to restore the iphone ( need to backup data first ) or hardware reset.  Please contact us at any time if problems still exist.